Our TALENTED kids chose to create a pantomime video to teach the steps for solving a problem, any problem. This video is amazing! (Make sure you watch all the way to the very end for a fun little surprise!)

June 2, 2011

As a final project for our lesson on problem solving, the 4th grade students in our workshop at Walker Jones wrote a Problem Solving Rap song on the steps for solving problems. The girls were super excited to create their own beats and their own lyrics. Take a listen, or view the Lyrics.

click here to hear: Problem Solving Rap

We here at Lifting Voices have been very busy indeed!  After the very successful funding of our book (which we’re still overjoyed about), we’ve been able to send the book off to the publishers and get back to the business of kids and critical thinking!

All our workshops are currently focusing on problem solving – real and abstract.  The kids began by looking at their own problems, and in doing so, began looking at the process to solving any problem.  Now they’re starting to think about how they would teach this process to other kids.

Our middle schoolers will be making a video, in which they MIME the steps for solving a problem. Yes, I said mime.

Our 3rd and 4th graders are making stories and posters about problem solving that could be used in their own classrooms: Here’s a photo from one of their stories:

And our second graders have adopted the identities of problem-solving super-heroes, such as “brainstorm-possible-solutions-man” and will be creating a video to show how the superheroes work together to solve the world’s ills.

Here’s a person we love: Miriam, our board fellow.  Miriam is a busy MBA student at Georgetown.  How does she spend her afternoons?  Why, setting up our software, of course.  And checking out kids’ words on our wall.  Why does Miriam do this?  Because she’s a good person.

Here’s another one.  Khali is a 7th grade student and the Lifting Voices youth fellow.  Khali acts as a mentor to younger kids in his workshop group, and contributes a quarterly report to the Lifting Voices board of directors.  Why does Khali do this?  Because he’s a good person, that’s why.

Gee, here’s a whole bunch.  I see Maria, a board member, and Yacouba, a photographer, and a rack of kids.  All of these are good, talented, loving people who contributed part of their Saturday to bring our Counter Culture project to life.  Why?  Oh, heck, you know why.  They’re good people.

Everyone at Lifting Voices–staff, young people, board members, volunteers–cares about the world and has something to give.  People who love people are the best people we’ve got.   Three cheers for these folks!

Many thanks to YOU! We’ve made our $5,000 goal to raise the funds needed to publish Counter Culture, our food book.

Group Hug!

Group Hug!

Thanks to all the dedication from our volunteers, students, and of course, our DONORS! And… the icing to the cake? Anything above the $5000 mark goes directly to Lifting Voices to to publish more books, create more programs, and to support our kids! THANK YOU!