Young people in our workshops create an amazing variety of projects. We teach youngsters to think well and we teach others to value them.
Elementary- and middle-school kids explored school reform. Their thoughts, their words, their take on the million-dollar question they are at the center of. We shared their voices in a Lifting Voices “workshop market” with parents, education leaders, and community members.
Elementary-school kids made comic books that feature themselves as heroes using their real-life super powers to solve a real-life problem. Their comic books were given to their parents in a Lifting Voices “workshop market” in Washington Highlands.
Middle-school kids explored gender roles in their neighborhoods. They created an oral history archive, wrote an open letter to adults, and advocated changes in their community in a Lifting Voices “workshop market” with a member of the D.C. City Council.
Adolescent offenders thought deeply and seriously about where they were in their lives and where they wanted to go. They wrote an honest one-year plan for themselves. These plans were presented in a Lifting Voices “workshop market” to the supervisors of their youth court.

An up-and-coming young filmmaker created a mini-documentary about our work.

Middle-school students planned, wrote, designed, and enacted their own puppet movie.